Hi, I’m Mónica.

I’m a

As a transformational coach, I help people to identify and work on the things that need to be changed for them to live more fulfilling lives. The question that I help people answer is: What needs to change in my life for it to feel right?

About me

Why do I coach?

I am convinced that great conversations create great thinking, and great thinking creates better lives. However, we frequently neglect the most important conversation that we should be having: the one with ourselves.

I coach because I want to give my clients the space to talk with themselves and find the answers to questions that truly matter to them. I feel an enormous satisfaction seeing them gain self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to move forward.

What brought me to coaching? 

My own pain motivated me to become a coach. Like all people I have had my share of difficulties in life: childhood traumas, a toxic relationship, seeing my mom live with and die from a chronic disease, and moving to a different country are just a few of them. Each of these experiences has contributed enormously to shaping who I am today, but it was through coaching that I was really able to make sense of them and use them in my favour. During that process, I learned how important it is to have a safe space where one can slow down, think, and find ways to move forward. Since then, I have  wanted to create that same space for others.


I am a qualified Transformational Coach through the Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading coaching school in London. 

Animas Centre is itself accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organisation in charge of providing guidelines and standards for professional coaches to comply with in-depth education, experience, and ethics. 

About coaching

Do you remember that time when you joined the gym because you wanted to be fitter and healthier? And noticed that only through commitment and consistency could you achieve results? Coaching is similar. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts, and the work that we will do together will require both of us to be committed and consistent for at least some time.

We typically start by having a free “discovery call”. It is a 60-minute call where we share our understanding of coaching, we talk about the challenges you are facing, and I explain to you what you can expect from our time together. At the end of this call, we decide if we want to give it a go and what our next steps will be.

During coaching, I:

am a facilitator who creates a space for you to explore yourself and the way that you perceive your life. 

This is important because the way we perceive life affects our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, which then determine the results that we achieve in every aspect of life, such as our career, our relationships, and our health.

During coaching, you:

will need to shed new light on your fears and deeply rooted values and beliefs. This is not always easy. It will not always feel comfortable. But it will help you to:

  • Gain clarity on who you are and what you really want 
  • Set clear goals and gain the confidence to actually achieve them
  • Feel more content with yourself, your loved ones, and your life in general


I feel that Mónica is a coach who would be a good fit for a lot of people, different kinds. She’s straightforward and to the point, a key trait for a good coach. She’s honest and curious, and won’t let you off the hook when she thinks there’s more to a topic than has been discussed so far. I feel Mónica is very strong on intuition, connecting the dots and getting to the surface (bringing to consciousness) what really needs to be dealt with. She’s a star in helping me get clarity out of my unstructured and all-over-the-place thoughts. Her observations are spot on, and really help for reflecting on yourself.

 — Lucy Straathof

I really valued my time working with Mónica. She was an excellent listener, always capable of extracting the important points from my prolonged ramblings and reframing them in a concise way. Truly, I was always impressed by her ability to turn my thoughts into something constructive. If we were stuck, she was not afraid to pivot a session in a new direction or introduce exercises to help inspire me. While my ‘main goal’ may have been changing week to week, all the work we did laid a foundation that would support us no matter where I needed to go. Mónica is kind, supportive, and professional. I highly recommend her as your coach.

— Brett C. 

I loved working with Mónica – she is very smart, professional, and very intuitive. This is also exactly what I needed in a coach in order to feel free to share, stay focused, and be challenged. Anyone looking for transformational results is in good hands with her. Thank you for everything, Mónica! 

— Anna B.

Definitely a psychologically skilled person. Always very calm, good at listening, responsive, and very gentle at asking sensitive questions. Mónica is good at creating a safe space and establishing communication based on trust and transparency. I also appreciated how direct she was in her feedback; she is very good and respectful at saying things that can be sensitive topics in a way that makes them easy to hear. She is careful with the words she chooses while being very articulate and clear. 

— Samara Chergui

I am glad I had the opportunity to be coached by Mónica. She is very committed and engaged. I gained numerous insights which I wish I had had earlier, but I guess, “better late than never”.

— Hamid Sarve

Mónica was an amazing coach. I felt that she was always very attentive to my needs and able to come up with an approach that helped me tackle each issue in an effective way. I was impressed by her ability to understand me and see things I wouldn’t see myself. Often at the end of each session, I had reached deep insights and an understanding about why I behave the way I do. She was very lucid and challenged me when I needed to be challenged. I would definitely recommend Mónica as a coach!

— Anna Swierta


After some trial and error, I found that by offering the following packages most of my clients found one that fits them best, but in case you need something different, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Not everybody has the privilege to invest in their personal growth by means of coaching. This is why I dedicate a certain proportion of my time to pro bono work for people who would not have access to coaching otherwise. Financial or other barriers should not deprive people of their own personal growth. If you or someone you know could benefit from this offer, please do get in touch.

Let’s talk.

Please get in touch to set a time for your free discovery call:

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